tiny little thoughts

Die Texte hier habe ich unter dem Begriff "Gesellschaft" zusammengefasst. Kann irgendwie alles oder auch nichts heißen. Für mich sind das "Tiny Little Thoughts", die vermeintlich normale Ansichten hinterfragen.

the one about excuses aka "triggers as teachers"

When I talk to people about stuff like love and life, I often hear sentences like: I would love to...

Change my job
Travel the world
Start a relationship
Be single again
Save more money
Eat more healthy
Do some sports
Do Meditation
Try hobby XY
Start a Company
Move into another city


Yes, this tiny little word is actually the one that holds us back. It‘s not that I haven’t used quite a lot phrases you find in list above 😉, but I also figured that this little word is just an excuse we often use to not leave our comfort zone. I didn’t say that changes are easy, especially if you have kids or financial or health obligations BUT they are possible. At least for us western-world-privileged-by-birth ones. The only question is, if we are willing to pay the price for what needs to be changed. 

Do you feel angry about what I am writing? Congratulations! 🎊 You just found your trigger - you deepest wound. 🙌🏽 This certain area in your life that deep down wants to be changed. You could either sit with your pain and look behind it or you can just stay angry and blame me or anything or anyone else for the reason why nothing can ever improve. It‘s all good. We are all human and we all have our issues. Life is ready when we are.
April 2007, 📷 unknown, but thanks.

the one about fast fashion

Madeleine Alizadeh alias @dariadaria is right. It sucks that people, especially women and children all over Asia have to suffer just because of our need to shop as much and cheap as we can. That we fight for gender equality, but at the same time support unfair, inhuman working conditions with our shopping habits. Can hardly believe it‘s really been over six years when 1135 people in Bangladesh had lost their life just because well-known rich enterprises didn’t want to spend enough money to provide a save working space for their employees.

I am honest with you, once a year I tend to buy two, three clothes from one fast fashion label and enjoy that (as a guilty pleasure!?) 🙉. But at the same time I figured it is also possible to look well-dressed if you buy second hand or if you invest in fair fashion labels with the same prices as you would spend for any other label. Trust me, you don‘t want to buy anything else after you experienced how gentle (and with no toxic (!) smell) a Jeans can feel on your skin. Hell yeah! It’s with all changes: At first it feels as a burden, but from time to time it actually feels „lighter“ not to support a brutal business anymore. Sadly you could say that to many more industries - so use your power as a consumer to create the world you want to live in. Money is the strongest tool we have (apart from Yoga 😉). 
September 2009, 📷 Manuela

the one about eating healthy

As food has become sort of a religion, I wanted to share some conclusions I made while reading a lot about nutrition during the last years.
 1. We should be lucky we’re able to celebrate food.  It’s a privilege.
 2. Every body is unique. Listen to it and start to get to know your body.It is communicating with you constantly. Ever had a hangover? Yep, also a way to communicate ;-)
 3. Making a diet is never a solution and does not lead to a happier life. If you need to lose weight for medical reasons: Look for a doctor, not a women‘s magazine.
 4. The less industrial food, the better. It‘s an industry that often prioritizes money over health. Earning money is not a bad thing. It‘s just bad if you do it without thinking about the negative effects on others.
 5. As cell production is made of everything we eat, it might be not the worst idea to put healthy stuff in us to stay healthy. How easy is that? ;)
 6. 5 a day. It‘s not impossible: put fruits to your muesli, eat an apple in between, eat salad as an addition to your lunch, put different veggies into your curry for dinner. That‘s it.
 7. Industrial sugar has the same effect as cocaine; it’s addicting and makes us sick. Avoiding sugar doesn‘t mean avoiding fruits.It doesn’t mean you can‘t enjoy a piece of cake from time to time. It‘s about hidden sugars in produced food.
 8. There is no such thing as super foods. It’s amazing we’re able to taste healthy food from all over the world. I am the first to try them but eating diverse(!) is the healthiest thing you can do to get all vitamins, minerals & co.  There are many regional alternatives (linseed for chia, bilberry for acai etc.)
 9. Eating meat? 1 thing is sure. Eating meat leads to global warming. There exist plenty of studies, check which organization or lobby financed it. Thatmight be reason enough not to eat it.
 10. Germans invest more in fuel they put into their car than in nutrition for  their bodies. Healthy food is not expensive if you buy seasonal and regional, if you cook on your own, if you’re not wasting food. Easier said than done but worth on the long run. (That’s a rhyme). 
📷 Mama

the one about travelling alone

Being surrounded by supporting, optimistic & strong people, I am always so surprised by negative mind sets and borders people make up as an excuse. Is it something German or something human? Here is my best-of. Anything elseto add?
 1. „Aren’t you  afraid of being on your own?“ I am sharing a room with 7 other people.
 2. „Isn’t it horrible to eat alone?“ I hate talking while enjoying food.
 3. „Aren’t you ever bored?“ Trick question. Did you ever hear about @netflix ?
4. „Aren’t you afraid of never getting a job again?“
There are plenty of toilets that need to be cleaned. True story.
5. (My favourite of all times :-P) „Are you sure you won‘t be freezing in Portugal in November?“ Definitely a reason to stay in Germany instead. Definitely.
6. „Learning Portuguese is way too hard.“ Puh, I am so relieved. I was already worried about adding 6 instead of 5 languages to my CV.
7. „Isn’t it too expensive?“ I never go shoe shopping. This actually saves a lot of money.
8. „Don‘t you have friends to travel with?“ Well, I have more than 500 Facebook Friends and about 200 Followers on Instagram.
Ok, maybe this was harsh, but I am just so tired of listening to these „well-meant“ concerns. Why are people so afraid and worried all the time? Magic happens outside the comfort zone. Namaste, folks! September 2009 (during my first trip on my own, damn I look sad) 
📷 Manuela

Women bullshit bingo

To whom it may concern.
 1. Are you sure you want... ... to be a working mom?
 ... to be a stay at home mom?
 2. Don’t you think ... ... your skirt is too short? ... you should wear any make up?
 3. If you are having... ... an older boyfriend: it’s just because of his money ... a younger boyfriend: sugar mama alert
 4. Why... ... so shy? Just smile.
 ... so angry? Are you in your period?
 5. I would say you should ... ... eat more, you are way too thin.
 ... lose some weight due to your big size.
 6. She is way... ... too smart to be beautiful.
 ... too beautiful to be smart.
 7. Do you really...
 ... want this abortion?
 ... want to keep this child?
 Well, do you see any pattern? You will never ever please everyone on this planet. So just listen to your own needs and to those who say: „Wow, you are such a smart, funny, beautiful woman.“ Believe it. It‘s true. (Men may think that, too.) 
📷 Benjamin