Body, Mind & Soul

Gesundheit verstehe ich als ganzheitliches System, das nicht nur Körper, sondern auch Geist & Seele betrifft.  Impulse dafür gibt's hier.

The one about your inner critic

As I read a lot about self-acceptance and spent some years in therapy, I luckily learned some strategies to embrace this little cruel voice that sometimes says „you are not enough“ (or even worse). Even though I know all the tools, I sometimes fall back into old patterns, which is ok, I guess. Nowadays I see it as a friendly reminder that there has been shitty days, but that all in all I am doing good. But why am I telling you this? When a close friend of mine was asking me lately about how she could possibly love herself, I got really really sad, as I reckoned she didn’t see herself as smart, beautiful and marvelous as she absolutely is - and as I and everyone else would see her. Why are we all torturing ourself, although we would never ever talk as bad to our best friend as we would do to ourself? Why not looking daily into the mirror and saying: „hey, you are amazing and you are giving your very best - on every single day!“ Let‘s just try to do that. Every tiny little step counts. Are you in?

The healing power of nature or the art of slowing down

I swear to God, the moment I was standing in front of this waterfall my 7-days-no-painkiller-could-help-headache was just gone (ok, maybe turning my phone off for a few days might have helped, too ;-) ). It’s just fascinating as hell, how body, mind & soul are connected. How we are craving for nature. I had to learn this lesson in a painful way. My head was just screaming: „Johanna, all of this is too much.“ But I didn’t want to listen. Why?
 I am absolutely blessed with everything in my life and I want to enjoy every inch of it. I am able to earn money with creating media. I have amazing beloved ones living all over the country. I love checking out the movies, books, music, podcasts that are waiting on my lists. Every week, I am in another city or even country, etc. etc. etc. Do you see a pattern? It’s amazing, but just too f***ing much! I needed a break and being forced to just slow down. 
 Learning the lesson, that doing nothing actually leads to having more time than literally running around is a big thing for me. Reading „Momo“ by Michael Ende might be the best inspiration to do so. Have I mentioned how new all of this is to me? I always think, „well, what more should I learn, I already experienced enough for two lifetimes“. But writing down this sentence in this very second, just explains it all: I. have. to. slow. down. Any advice how to do so? Aaargh!
 PS: 3 days to go till my yoga teacher training starts. Maybe this might help. More to come. 
📷 Anna

the one about yoga poses

Wearing fancy yoga pants? Nope. Performing acrobatic poses? Nope. Feeling amazing? Yesss! When I talk to someone about my Yoga routine, I sometimes get responses like: „I would love to do that too, but: I am just not flexible enough/my back hurts/I don’t have time“ etc. Well, if you think that too, then that’s actually when you would need it the most ;-).
Yoga is not about stretching in the craziest ways but about taking care of your body.It’s about giving it everything it needs which actually can change daily. I would say I am quite flexible (hehe, watch my name). But there are still days when I can hardly move myself, as if something physical or emotional is blocking parts of my body. But that’s absolutely fine. Yoga is not about competition but about learning what your body needs in the very moment of your practice. (Spoiler Alert: Getting more flexible comes automatically but it takes years my friends. No need to get hurt for a fancy yoga picture  :-) )
And though I would love everyone on this planet to learn about Meditation & Yoga (#innerpeace) it‘s totally ok, to not use a Yoga mat to get to move. The only thing I would recommend to everyone is to clear your body, mind & soul from time to time to not get too overwhelmed about this crazy/beautiful world. Isn’t going for a run, listening to music and talking to your friends already the most spiritual thing you can do? Namaste, folks! 
📷 Papa

Not from this earth

I like that one. Listened to an interview with a shaman (stop eye-rolling). I really liked her thought, that it’s the parents who learn from their children as they are literally the future and actually the closest coming from another world and bringing its wisdom. But even if you don’t believe in this spiritual sh.., there is a point. 
 Children are the essence of how humankind should be: they need love, they love unconditionally, they are loved unconditionally, no matter how „weak and needy“ they are. They trust, they are honest, they laugh a lot, they move all day long, they are astonished by the beauty of this planet, they don’t care about yesterday or tomorrow, they just live in this very moment. What happened to us? 
 Well, probably many, many shitty, painful experiences. But do you know the interesting thing about it? Every single person is carrying a heavy luggage. So if you run into someone who is arrogant, aggressive, anxious etc., it’s just damn self-protection. Keep that in mind and give him or her a (mental) hug. Deep down we are all little children who want to be cuddled, to be recognized, to be loved. You are not alone. (End of deep talk.) 
📷 Unknown, but thanks.