In tune with nature

oder auch: Alles rund um das Thema "Nachhaltigkeit". 

The one with becoming vegan?

The one about going vegan. I don‘t know about you, but reading more and more about Veganism leads me to ask the following questions:
 1. Why is there so much hate against people trying to live and consume in a non-violent way?
 2. Why is media presenting this Australian couple as fatalist vegans, when this innocent baby was so malnourished by its irresponsible parents, that even animal products wouldn’t have helped?
 3. Does anyone judge parents feeding their baby with fast food & industrial sugar?
 4. Why is it ok to eat chicken, cows and pigs, when people take care of their cats, dogs and horses?
 5. Does joy justify killing animals?
 6. Does tradition justify violence?
 7. Does any animal drink mother’s milk of another animal?
 8. Does being different always mean being a crazy person?
 Don‘t get me wrong, I am not vegan, but I get angry about how media is covering this topic. Activists like @jamesaspey actually give us good examples that living vegan gives us everything we need. It’s even possible to raise healthy kids (@ellenfisher @earthyandy , @isabellamachine )or to be a successful athlete (@alanarblanchard ). The only thing your body is missing is B12, which you can get as a supplement. Furthermore watching animals in their natural environment I reckon so many similarities with humans: they like to play & chill, they care about their children, they grief, they love. I don’t think they came to this earth to please human’s hunger. 
Of course there is violence within the nature. But it’s a difference to kill an animal from eye to eye or exploiting a living being like we do at the very moment. I am still not ready to be vegan & I am still not sure if this is the one and only truth.But I am afraid there will be less excuses, regarding the recent burning of the Amazonas for soy production or our population rising to 10 billion by 2050. How will we possibly nourish everyone? Let me know about your thoughts, I would love to hear about your opinion & I am more than thankful for scientific proven facts. 
📷 Annemarie 

The one about plastic in the ocean

I strongly believe in the healing power of nature. But while I was collecting photos for my wall of palm tree pictures back home, I also ran into mountains of plastic, which is the dark side of living a so called life in a developed country. Luckily the society is more and more aware of the negative effects of using non-recyclable plastics. Even politicians made some decisions to reduce plastic waste. And as cheesy as it might sounds, I also do believe in the power of every single person's behaviour. A real change is possible, if everyone does a little bit every single day. 
 I absolutely understand that we all have a busy life.It is not that easy to live sustainably. Especially because it seems like too much work to bring your own coffee to go cup to your favourite Café in the beginning. It is true, certified organic/fair-traded products cost more and it is not possible for everyone to afford them. Everyone has their priorities which he or she do not want or cannot eliminate. That’s ok. This might be to own a car, go shopping or go onlong distanceflights (the last one is my guilty pleasure...) Anyway, I just wanted to post a "let's save the planet" reminder. 
 Even if you are not interested in the environment, you will eventually be affected by micro plastics while eating a "yummy" fresh fish  ;-) Acting sustainably is even possibleon your travelsSometimes we forget to avoid waste while we are living in our beach life bubble. Yep, going on a beach walk and collecting plastic at the same time  becomes more and more common. Do you have some tips to share?

📷 Johanna 

"Count vitamines not calories!" (Ella mills)

 As this is that time of the year when everyone makes their beachbody New Year’s resolution, I wanted to share some thoughts. 

Isn't it weird that we are complaining about our body? That we think we have to optimize it to finally feel happy and complete? Our body is a miracle that provides us with everything we need to actually survive. Isn't it crazy that everyone is torturing themselves just because of a beauty standard that was invented about 60 years ago? Although before that it was normal to have a curvy body? (This refers to women) And isn't it funny that most of the men and women wouldn't even bother if you had these famous "5 kg too much"? 
Don't get me wrong. If you feel deeply happy & healthy with being or achieving 90/60/90, perfect. If something inside you says, "Well, I would love to give a shit, but no one will ever love me", then rethink your diet habits, throw your scale away and eat what your body is asking for. If it is pizza or a burger sometimes, fine! Who doesn’t want to drink a Mojito from time to time? (Guilty!) Yoga & eating healthy food will help to relearn what your body really needs. 
 I didn't think it was possible, but reducing white sugar actually leads to not wanting industrial produced food anymore, but that’s another story ;-) But why am I writing this? I’ve just seen and still see too many beautiful, smart (mostly) women being on a diet, instead of enjoying every inch of this amazing life. Enjoying food is an important part to do so. So maybe there is this new resolution. Just enjoying life and not giving a shit about society's expectations. In case there is someone criticising your body: Throw him or her out of your bed and eat a Pad Thai instead ;-) 

📷 Johanna